Teacher Coal Study Unit (CSU) Program: 1993–2020


Grant monies and education materials are made available to teachers for the creation, development and implementation in their classroom of a study unit (lesson plan) based on coal. In order to give incentive for participation and recognition for performance, CEDAR awards cash prizes to teachers whose units place First, Second and Third places in each grade level of (K-4th), (5th-8th) and (9th-12th).

A Teacher-of-the-Year Award valued at ($3,000) is awarded to the teacher determined to have the best overall until of all three grade levels. Over the past twenty three years CEDAR has granted ($650,515) for the implementation of (1,226) Coal Study Units involving (2,692) teachers and (94,433) students.

Coal Study Unit Packet 2019-2020 (DOC)

Coal Study Unit Teacher Awards Program 2018 - 2019 (PPT)

Coal Study Unit – Unit Proposal/Grant Request Application (Video Guide) (PPT)

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First Place Teaching Units By Grade Level

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