Coal Fair Coordinator’s Program 1996-2019

The Principal of each school is asked to appoint a teacher to serve as their school’s Coal Fair Coordinator to serve as liaison between CEDAR and students interested in participating in the Coal Fair program.

The Coordinator is responsible for attending a Coal Fair Workshop, distributing program materials at their school, organizing their school’s Coal Fair, and coordinating their school’s participation in the CEDAR Regional Coal Fair. 

In order to give incentive for participation and promotion of the program in their school, CEDAR provides a performance-based awards program to recognize and reward those Coordinators who achieve excellence in the performance of their duties.

The following place finish awards are based on the following amount per percentage of points earned vs points possible; first place $5; second place $3.50; third place $2.50.

During the (22) years of this program, CEDAR has awarded (66) teachers a total of $38,730. 


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