CEDAR Video Library

1. All About Coal (12 Mins) – An entertaining and informative look at how coal is formed, mined, washed, transported, and used in electricity generation.  A puppet, dressed as a miner, takes viewers on a tour of an underground and surface mine and power plant.  (Grades K-8)  (AEP)

2. Coal: The Inside Story(16 Mins) – This video covers the formation, washing transpiration, and burning of coal to produce electricity.  Host Tim Elsert walks through the phases of coal production at both underground and surface mining operations.  (Grades 7-12)  (AEP) 

3. America’s Fuel
(11Mins) – This video demonstrates the importance of coal to the American economy and overall quality of life.  A utility executive, a businessman, a former mayor, and an economist/physicist each describe the benefits they have found from using coal as the source for their electricity.  (Grades 7-12)  (CEED)

4. Coal People: A Century of Pride(24 Mins) – A tribute to coal mining people. This video is a cinematic journey that celebrates a proud workforce and its contributions to American progress.  (Grades 5-12)  (Peabody Coal Co.) 

5. Mining – Discoveries for Progress
(10 Mins) – Video showing what today’s mining industries is all about(Grades K-12)

6. Coal Today
A modern story about the new technologies and the people who produce coal and generate the power that is the foundation of our nation’s economy.  (Grades 6-12)

7. Common Ground – Modern Mining and You
(27 Mins) – Contains information on all forms of mining, including coal.  (Grades K-12) 


8. From Mines to Lines
(27 minutes) – Video shows coal being mined and followed to a final destination…the power plant.  (Grades 5-12)

9. Coal Into Kilowatts
(16 minutes) - A tour of American Electric Power’s Big Sandy Plant. (Grades K-12) 

10. Balancing the Needs-Coal and the Environment
(14 minutes) – Coal’s role in the past and future.  (Grades 9-12)

11. COAL: Kentucky’s Power Source
Video shows types of mining in Kentucky and how the reclaimed land is being used.  (Grades 5-12) 

12. Clean Coal Technologies
Video shows the process and benefits of clean coal technology – Coal-to-liquid and CO2 management.  (Grades 5-12)

13. Building a Future on Reclaimed Land
This video highlights many of the diversified uses of land that has been made possible through the development of reclaimed land resulting from the practice of surface mining. This video is courtesy of Mr. Jim Booth, Booth Energy Group, and was produced by Vantage Point, Inc. vantagepointads.com

14. Mining 101  This video will provide you with an inside look at a state-of-the-art underground mining operation. This video is courtesy of Mr. Jim Booth, Booth Energy Group, and was produced by Vantage Point, Inc. vantagepointads.com

15. Mars Invasion 2030 - From Coal Camp to Space Camp
Link to 12 videos covering the programs introduction, nine lessons, conclusion, and Astronaut/Miner conversation. 
Mars Invasion Videos