Mars Invasion-2030
"From Coal Camp to Space Camp"

The following YouTube links contain videos that are used in support of the curriculum implemented by participating teachers in the “Mars Invasion 2030-From Coal Camp to Space Camp” program, and are only accessible by clicking-on each individual item in the following menu. In order to make the video full screen; go to the very bottom border just under the screen, and go to the far right and click on the last two icons. The next to last icon says “Large Player”, and the last icon says “Full Screen”.

The Introduction video is used by all teachers as the very first activity in the Mars program. The teachers are only required to implement one of the three lessons listed below in each of the three Parts, also known as Components. Each lesson implemented is introduced by a short video with Dr. Thomas Walker explaining the Coal-Camp and Space-Camp connection with the particular lesson they are about to begin.

After completing the classroom curriculum part of the program, the students travel to the Challenger Learning Center in Hazard, KY where they carry-out their Invasion of the Mars Museum. Their Museum visit includes participating in many of the eighteen hands-on activities, with all dealing with science, math, and/or technology. The last activity at the Museum, as well as in the Mars program itself, is the students viewing the Astronaut/Miner video, which is the last link listed below. 


Watch Introduction



1. Why Go To Mars?

2. What Do We Expect To Find?  

3. How Do We Get There? 


1. How Will We Communicate? 

2.What Type of Habitation Well We Need? 

3. How Do We Travel?


1. What Services and Professions Will Be Needed?

2. What Types of Leisure and Recreation Will Be Needed?

3. Conclusion

For more information on the Mars Invasion - From Coal Camp to Space Camp Program you can contact one of the following:

John Justice

Tom Cravens
Challenger Learning Center

 *NOTE* Dr. Thomas Walker, the first person to document the existence of coal in Kentucky, is portrayed by Basil Clark, Professor of Speech and Drama at the University of Pikeville. Mr. Clark wrote the script for all of his video introductions, in addition to playing the character of Dr. Thomas Walker.

>> Link to Challenger Learning Center